Adam Buxton’s BUG    8 × 30"   
tx    9.30pm    Monday 9 July 2012    Sky Atlantic   

Adam Buxton's BUG is a hilarious journey to the dark heart of the internet, celebrating the most brilliant, compelling, thought-provoking and weird music videos in the world today. Adam Buxton presents sometimes well-known and sometimes obscure videos, examining the various comments they prompt and incite among the esteemed members of the online community.


Adam says of the series: "I tell people that BUG is like going round to a friend's house and having them open up their laptop to show you interesting and amusing things they've found or made, except not as tedious and shit as that sounds."


Throughout the series Adam amusingly explores a variety of issues such as comic book violence, Jake Gyllenhaal's career, modern day advertising and the genius of Björk. Videos featured in the series include The Greeks by Is Tropical, End Love by OK Go and Bad Girls by Mia.


Adam's creativity knows no bounds as he collaborates with his peers to make hilarious new and innovative videos, such as Summertime Blues and Sushi Song, with genius directors including Garth Jennings and Dougal Wilson.


"Laughing at the idiotic things people write under YouTube videos could be seen as facile byt Adam Buxton has refined it into an art form... A dazzling array of funny voices, off-the-wall humour and silly songs. I was crying with laughter... The videos are great... but Adam's own bonkers collaboration with Garth Jennings... takes some beating."

"I'm laughing typing [this] but not nearly as much as when I watched."

"Showing music videos and reading out the often deranged comments of the YouTube community shouldn't be a recipe for comedy gold, but in the hands of Buxton it is just that."

The Times

"You never know which way things are going to go when the host opens proceedings up with a song, but in this case giggles are guaranteed."

"It's a lot of fun, but the half hour slot feels too short."

Sunday Times Culture

"Surreal and very funny."


"Rib-splinteringly hilarious."


"Superbly funny."

production credits
Written and performed by
Adam Buxton
Additional material by
Dawson Bros
Based on a format created by
David Knight
Louise Stevens
Philip Tidy
Christopher Blakeston
with Adam Buxton
Assistant Producer
Peter Pitwood
Bug Producers
David Knight
Louise Stevens
Phil Tidy
Director of Production
Toby Ward
Executive Producer for Sky
Antonia Hurford-Jones
Executive Producers
Clive Tulloh
Nicky Taylor
Studio Director
Chris Howe
Paul Dugdale
Series Producer
Séamus Murphy-Mitchell
Adam Buxton