Raw Recuits Squaddies at 16    4 × 60"   
tx    9 pm    Monday 3 October 2016    Channel 5   

Ob-doc following 45 teenagers who are embarking on their Basic Army training course in Harrogate. They'll spend the next 23 weeks being transformed from civilians to Britians youngest soldiers. Cut off from family and friends, the demands of army life are high.5.30 starts and gruelling 16 hour days are standard. They will have lessons in weapon handeling, marching and challenging field exercises to contend with. Not everyone will make it though. But for some this is the first step to a life-long dream career with the British Army.

production credits
Duncan Hibberd
Executive Producer
Clive Tulloh
Gemma Delaney
Produced & Directed by
Will Yapp