Harry and Paul’s Magnificent Sporting Moments    1 × 30"   
tx    10.35 pm    Tuesday 15 January 2013    BBC One   

Join Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as they celebrate the magnificent sporting moments featured in this unlikely selection of clips. With “live” coverage of the weird and wonderful action from Harry and Paul’s hilarious new characters, they’ll be championing the protagonists from goofy clip star to sporting hero.


This show is a mock-heroic celebration of the unsung heroes of bizarre and extreme sporting endeavours which have often built up a cult status on the internet, presented in various comedy guises by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

production credits
Written and performed by
Harry Enfield
Paul Whitehouse
Additional material by
Shaun Pye
Fraser Steele
Executive Producer for BBC
Karl Warner
Executive Producers
Clive Tulloh
Nicky Waltham
Steve Connelly
Chris Hill
Richard Dean
Harry Enfield
Paul Whitehouse